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About Us

About Us

  We are a family of Clans from different games: Clash of Clans Our ancestor clan, The Donaters, started around October 2012.  As the name suggests, our reason for being was donating More »


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4GreatJustice Clash Royale

2v2 Ram Mirror — Never give up!!

Things are going Very Badly(TM), time to call in the battle ram. Make it two, and make it quick! Rocket FTL is inbound with 15 seconds left. CHAAARRGE!

4GreatJustice Linking Up with the Epix Brand

Hi everyone, there is some big news, but not too big.

4GreatJustice!! is joining up under an umbrella brand called Epix. Epix | North is the top clan and currently ranked #91 globally. Our 4Great network will stay intact. We are not merging, and we don’t anticipate much change to our roster.

We may start to get a few more higher level recruits sent our way, as in maybe 1-5 — it has yet to be seen how many. We don’t anticipate having to kick many, and we don’t want to lose our vets and friends in the clan, or change how we run the clan, or change the clan vibe or atmosphere. When we fill to 50 members we will kick someone who is low in trophies and/or clan activity, and preferably people who haven’t been with us as long, just like we have done since day one. That has always seemed a fair way to keep the clan from stagnating, and it has worked well for us: we are highly active and top #10 in Canada.

As for competing with the other top Epix clan, the plan I have heard is for Epix | North to move to North America, to gain a presence there, while we would be the flagship clan in Canada, and they have said they’d like to get us to rank #3, but we’ll see about that.

We have always been a hybrid chill/competitive clan, not a super-competitive clan. We’re just casual and happen to be good and keep purging inactives and people who don’t advance in trophies. None of the leadership wants that to change, or to change our vibe. We are well-established and don’t see any reason to force any change in our culture at this point. It would probably not go well if we tried to force a change.

I still consider our offical clan name to be “4GreatJustice!!” and I will keep the (neglected) website operational (let me know if you want to spruce that up, and/or help Epix with their non-existant website), but we are renaming the clan inside the game. Ideally we would become Epix | 4GreatJustice!! but due to length restrictions, we are going with Epix | 4Justice. Some have floated the idea of Epix | Justice, which is simpler and has some appeal, but I’d like to keep some of the 4Great brand in there since it identifies our association of clans and help keeps us linked to our other great clans.

What does this mean for the other 4Great clans? Well, nothing has to change. Within Epix, there are other associations of clans, and we have been encouraged to keep our network intact. So this doesn’t mean anything needs to change.

I always promoted our clan network as an association of sovereign clans, and have encouraged all of our clan leaders to toperate autonomously and be in the hands of whoever the leadership is. I haven’t claimed ownership of any other clans other than the one I lead (and I rely heavily on my coleaders for advice and making a lot of decisions by consensus.) There are pros and cons to potentially renaming other 4Great clans to the Epix brand. Ideally, we would strengthen both the Epix brand and the 4Great brand, just like how the nation of Canada is a strong brand and Quebec is a “nation within a nation” with its own strong identity. Some other associations of clans have moved under Epix, such as Epix | MTL and Epix | Lil MTL and Epix | SG and Epix | SG 2 — if you are a clan leader or coleader or senior elder and thinking you might want to change to the Epix prefix, I’d love to discuss with you. If you want to discuss it with me, or other clan leaders, PM me and we can discuss.

How does this help us? Things are going well with 4GreatJustice, and we have resisted shaking up our clans with mergers, and we will continue to do so. This isn’t a merger, but it connects us to a larger network, as well as a clan that is ahead of us, with minimal disruption to the status quo. Basically, I am hoping this will breathe a new kind of life in a new dimension for us, by hooking us up with a top #100 global clan, and people who take the game more seriously, with more tournaments, and an eSports team, and a discord server with several affiliated clans.

Much of Clash Royale is geared towards the life and dynamics within each individual clan, and each clan has to do what’s best for its own health. There are some smaller synergies that can be had when networking up with clans, and I think this is a good move for 4GreatJustice and the 4Great clans. If it turns out not to be, we could change our name back to 4GreatJustice.

The new clan Epix | 4Justice is already created with my other account (Mehavokeil) and after this weekend’s clan chest, we plan to move all 49 members over and reinstate everyone’s status as elder or co-leader.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, and if you want to voice your opinion, feel free to do so in the discord #members-only chat as well.

TWELVE Musketeers for Epic Comeback!

Youtuber in 4GJ does 30 Princess Challenge

Chief John would appreciate if you like & subscribe if you like his video!


Clash Royale Card Power Rankings

Check out the Card Power Rankings for April 20


  1. Arrows
  2. Elixir Collector
  3. Princess
  4. Freeze
  5. Dark Prince
  6. P.E.K.K.A.
  7. Minion Horde
  8. Prince
  9. Cannon
  10. Spear Goblins


Inter-clan Tournament Saturday Apr 23

[UPDATED RESULTS] Congrats allenzwu!

  1. allenzwu
  2. Zach
  3. Don Bon

Final match:

Congrats to Chris for winning our first inter-clan tournament!  Who will win the next one?

We’re hosting our second tournament on Saturday April 23, hope you can make it!

Format: Single elimination

Max participants: 50

Tourney clan: 4GreatTourney

Twitch: tudrnyc

Registration link:

Inter-clan Tournament!

Beowulf is hosting an inter-clan tournament!

It will be held Saturday April 2, at 7pm Mountain time (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.)

Meet in clan: 4GreatTourney

PRIZES for top 3 finishers!

To sign up, go to

Tournaments on now. Sign up!

We’re starting to host a tournament in two of our clans:

Tournament web pages:

Meharin’s New YouTube Channel

I miss sharing replays with everybody in all the clans, plus some are keepers, so I started a youtube channel! If you like 3 musketeers you are going to love the replays I put up =D. Check it out:

Here’s a teaser:


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