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Inter-clan Tournament!

Beowulf is hosting an inter-clan tournament!

It will be held Saturday April 2, at 7pm Mountain time (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.)

Meet in clan: 4GreatTourney

PRIZES for top 3 finishers!

To sign up, go to

Tournaments on now. Sign up!

We’re starting to host a tournament in two of our clans:

Tournament web pages:

Meharin’s New YouTube Channel

I miss sharing replays with everybody in all the clans, plus some are keepers, so I started a youtube channel! If you like 3 musketeers you are going to love the replays I put up =D. Check it out:

Here’s a teaser:


We merged! New flagship clan: 4GreatBeavers

Welcome and thank you to Angrier Beavers family for merging with us!  We hope this bolsters us in the long term and works out well for all of us.

We are still trying to fill up our #2 clan, Beavers4Justice.  No matter what your trophies are, please head over there to help us fill it up.  (…Unless you are in 4GreatBeavers, then we probably want you there to keep our flagship clan strong.)

If you have any thoughts about how the merge is going, head over to our discord chat and talk with us.


Hypothetical Merger with Angrier Beavers

I (Meharin) ran the numbers.  Let me and Beowulf and Chris know your thoughts!

PDF – Hypothetical Merger

Excel – Hypothetical Merger

The Push is On!

The game just went global.  It’s an important time for us to push, as lots of new players are climbing in trophies and looking for clans.  Let’s keep climbing in the ranks!

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