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Inter-clan Tournament Saturday Apr 23

[UPDATED RESULTS] Congrats allenzwu!

  1. allenzwu
  2. Zach
  3. Don Bon

Final match:

Congrats to Chris for winning our first inter-clan tournament!  Who will win the next one?

We’re hosting our second tournament¬†on Saturday April 23, hope you can make it!

Format: Single elimination

Max participants: 50

Tourney clan: 4GreatTourney

Twitch: tudrnyc

Registration link:

Inter-clan Tournament!

Beowulf is hosting an inter-clan tournament!

It will be held Saturday April 2, at 7pm Mountain time (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.)

Meet in clan: 4GreatTourney

PRIZES for top 3 finishers!

To sign up, go to

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