Clan Rules

Rules for everyone:

  1. Be mature.  Immaturity and being annoying make it more likely for people to leave the clan to find a clan that’s mature, and fun to be in.  Let’s be that mature, fun clan.

Rules for Elders:

  1. When the clan fills up to 50 members, kick someone in the bottom 5, (the lowest, or use your discretion.)

How to be promoted:

  1. Currently we run with a (nearly) all-elder system, for technical reasons.  At some point after Supercell implements elder kick cooldown, we may go to a limited elder system.
  2. Co-leader is basically assistant leader, or the leader’s clone, having virtually all powers of the leader.  We only need 2-3 of these, and they are chosen based on whether them in role of co=leader suits the clan, and is not a reward for seniority.  We value our loyal members and hope to honor and promote them in other ways (out-of-game rank system coming soon.)
    • Having said that, co-leaders being available to chat outside the game (on Discord) is a must.  (In CoC, we use Facebook.)
    • Acting as a good leader is a good way to be viewed as a candidate for coleadership: be a peacemaker in the clan chat, look out for the clan interests, kick the low people when the clan fills up, raise insightful things that would benefit the clan to the leader and co-leaders.
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